Jump Start: Primary Medicine for Allied Health Professions





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Author: Megan Steel, MSPA, PA-C / Olympia Resol:RN, MPH, CRNI, CARN (CEU)
Duration: 1h 0m / 30m (CEU)


Instructed by Megan Steel, MSPA, PA-C
***We provide you with an organ system approach to studying for your primary medicine board exams.***
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Course Description

This course is appropriate for medical professionals, or current students of medical professional schools, that requires an understanding of general/primary medicine. Such professionals include and are not limited to: Physician Assistant, Advance Practice Nurse (Nurse Practitioner), Dental students, Medical Students, Podiatry students, and Optometry students.

As a practicing PA, I have working knowledge of the content required for the licensing exam. However, the information presented in this course is applicable to any medical professional who requires a strong foundation in primary medicine.

For each body system we will review:

·The history and physical exam findings for a specific disease

·Disease epidemiology and pathogenesis

·The lab work/imaging that would be ordered and the expected abnormalities

·The treatment options and preventative measures (when applicable)

After each organ system has been reviewed, you will be presented with a short quiz to test what you have learned. Reinforcing your knowledge with questions similar to those seen on the PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam) and PANRE (Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam) will not only test your knowledge, but also show the areas you may need to focus on independently.

A quick review of the basics of the history and physical exam, commonly tested labs, important EKGs, and specific imaging modalities are touched upon as well.

The final portion of the course will help you create a study plan and motivate you to maintain your study pace, and help you feel confident before taking the exam. After all, your medical license depends on your success.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 57 lectures and 10.5 hours of content!
  • In this course, you will be taught how to study to succeed in your primary medicine board exams whether you’re a Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or another allied health professional.
  • You will review the most emphasized topics in the certifying and re-certifying exams.
  • You will review disease history, pathology, work-up, treatment and prevention so that you can tackle questions with confidence.

***Student Reviews***

“This is a good summary of a large group of topics. Helped me focus on which topics to read up on prior to the exam. Would’ve been better if Megan had edited out the times when she said she didn’t know something (like what a drug was for). Seems like she could’ve looked it up and then included it. Sometimes seemed like she was reading someone else’s summary. However, it’s impressive that she took on such a big topic by herself! I think the endocrine lecture that includes Cushing’s syndrome & disease is her best one.”
Rebecca Nickerson

“I’m a second year PA student who is using their winter break to review major topics for the PANCE, and found this course to be helpful in balancing out all of the topics in the NCCPA blueprint. All of the lectures cover a large chunk of the material, and have been a good review to prepare for my exam. Lots of questions!”
– PA-S Carole Anne